Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mollusk Discoveries

Since the temperature dropped after Lee passed through South Louisiana, I figured it was time to attack the herb, vegetable, (who am I kidding) weed garden in the back yard. I pulled the stalks of shriveled tomato plants, grasses, and various other flora that made it's way into our 6x4 pack of goodness. I wasn't the most proficient horticulturalist  last season... so the weeds took over in no time.
My job was to pull them out. The kids' jobs were to gather and toss them (note to self: buy that darn compost bin already woman!).
The more I pulled the more life came to the surface. The little ones were amazed at all the critters and creepy crawlers (ie. I don't know what they all were, exactly) that were shocked out of their comfy cozy hiding spots.
We heard lots of..
"WHAT is that?"
"Why is that one red/white/little/UGLY?"
A multitude of questions I didn't have a chance to answer before the next came flying from their lips.

Then I saw it, well them. A pair of large, slimy, squirming Gastropods of the Veronicelloidea family.

Yep they sound as slimy as they look.
We watched as they slowly crept around looking for a nice, dark & cool place to hide.
The questions started again until A gasped, "It has a hole in it's head!"
Off to the interwebs we went...
After many, many, MANY pictures and multiple mutilations of the Latin language, they were finally satisfied. They now know the difference between a snail and a slug AND that it breathes out of "the side of it's HEAD", as B would put it.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Not Back to School Party

Cel-a-brate. Good Times. Come on! We beat the 100 degree heat inside with a HUGE A/C and played games for hours!... while other kids were bored and sleep deprived in their desks on the first day of school.

Each year we celebrate our freedom of education by having a party the first day that B&M (brick & mortar) schools start. This year we went to Chuck E. Cheese on a beautiful Monday morning. Over 15 families joined us that day! The kids had a wonderful time. They hadn't seen some of their friends all summer. What better way to spend a HOT Monday morning!

Thanks to all the "Adventures in Homeschooling" members that came out to play with us. We appreciate you!