Saturday, June 25, 2011

Picky Picky Picky

I feel that I am constantly looking into new curriculum. Whether it be for my 13 y/o or my 4 & 5 y/o, the search is certainly never ending. Researching curriculum is probably the most time consuming part of homeschooling. Throwing in the fact that we are looking for strictly secular homeschooling curriculum it is definitely not an easy undertaking.
If I was willing to omit certain lessons and/or black out a few passages, there are many publishing companies that have wonderful well written curricula. This is not a lesson I want to teach to my children.
I realize that we are in the minority as far as homeschooling families nation wide but it would be so nice to have a bigger selection of secular material to choose from.
I'm going to gather a few reviews of the materials we've used both successfully and unsuccessfully, as well what we use on a consistent basis.
These will all be items that I have personal paid for or passed on from a friend.

Of course I would be willing to write reviews for a company who wishes to send me secular material for my family to try. Contact me for my mailing address and I'd be happy to help.